Combine foundational generative AI models with enterprise grade automation technology, to deliver the industry’s first platform for automating automation.

Orby AI uses generative AI to learn the language of your processes, then auto-generates automations based on those processes.

Chat box featuring a message from Orby AI explaining the process


Orby AI observes users completing work, such as processing a purchase order or reviewing an expense report, by analyzing browser and API interactions. Orby AI operates in the background with zero interruption to users or work.

Notification showing a prompt on repetitive workflow that was last executed at April 15, 2023


After observing a process, Orby AI generates a comprehensive and flexible view of each process in natural language, the steps involved, and possible variations. Users have the option to review and edit if needed.

Workflow execution history showing a list of completed tasks


Based on its understanding of each process, Orby AI automatically generates an automation for that process with zero code required and seamlessly integrates AI into automation workflows for complex tasks such as documents classification, extraction, and reconciliation.

Prompt showing a workflow execution in progress


The Orby AI generative AI model continuously learns from user feedback over time, improving model accuracy and adapting automations to ensure they are always up-to-date in response to process, data, software, or compliance changes.