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Orby AI Company Culture

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We don't just follow current possibilities but strive to shatter existing boundaries. We place high value on fresh ideas, ensuring they are not only welcomed but also rewarded.

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Each individual's contribution significantly impacts the final result. Our commitment extends beyond immediate tasks; we collectively own the end result

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We uphold transparency in our plans and objectivity in evaluating our results. Our decisions are anchored in factual data, steering clear of overstatements or partial truths.

Why Join Orby AI

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Orby AI Mission

Our mission is to use AI to save people time so that humans can have more meaningful time in their life. We do this by helping them automate the repetitive tasks in every job function and every industry.

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Huge Market Opportunity

According to a study, at least 30% of the work in 60% of occupations can be automated. This represents a time saving opportunity of 72 billion hours per year in the US alone.

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First to Market

Orby AI is the first end-to-end automation platform powered by Generative AI at its core. Our approach is unique and the first of its kind, and we already have significant customer traction.

Completed puzzle to represent Orby AI's generative AI that work on challenging problems
Work on Challenging Problems

State-of-the-art AI/ML is at the core of our platform. Our team is working on the latest AI research and developing novel applications for generative AI that will change the future of work.

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Experienced Founders, Investors, and Advisors

Founding team with deep AI and automation knowledge. Well funded and backed by leading investors and advisors.

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Expertise in Foundation Models and GenAI

Orby AI is pioneering an action foundation model that adopts a mixture of expert architectures to understand the semantic meaning of context with a feedback loop to adapt to users.

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Impact and Influence

As one of the early members of the team, you will have the opportunity to influence every aspect of Orby AI’s direction, from product roadmap and design to company culture.

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Competitive salary/equity, 401k matching, medical, dental, and vision insurance, unlimited PTO, and free lunch.