Automate Automation with Generative AI

Automate automation with generative AI

Imagine a world where your digital AI agent is on the constant lookout for ways to make you more productive...

As the agent observes repetitive tasks that could be automated, it surfaces these opportunities to you.

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If you decide you want to automate that task or workflow, it’s as simple as hitting the go button.

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Why Orby AI?

Orby AI combines proprietary Generative AI capabilities with enterprise grade automation technology, to deliver the industry’s first platform for automating automation

Current Approach

Limited scope

Limited Scope

Too Many Resources

Too Many Resources

Too much time

Too Much Time

Orby's Approach

Gear shifting icon to represent a powerful automated AI process


Automate complex processes that require AI
Clock to represent faster automated automation


Automated automation delivers in hours, not weeks or months
Brain mapping person icon to represent resource efficiency

Resource Efficient

No-code platform reduces burden on technical resources

Orby AI Use Cases

Orby AI helps enterprises automate repetitive and complex tasks that can not be easily automated with existing technology.

Document icon to represent document processing

Document processing

Invoices, contracts, expenses, POs

Hand pressing a button to represent operations automation

Operations automation

Finance, accounting and legal

Neat stack of files to represent organization of complex data and tasks

Complex data and tasks

Classify, extract and reconcile

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Orby AI Team

Orby AI is founded by AI and automation experts from Google and UiPath, and backed by leading investors including Pear, NEA, Wing, and Wndrco.

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